Liver Cleansing

Liver-The seat of well-being:
Liver, the largest organ of the body, is the seat of metabolism. Considering our body as a jigsaw, liver forms the most important block. Since its birth in the body, liver gets little rest. Though it is a vital organ, maintaining a healthy liver is often neglected. More emphasis is given to heart and even the knees but we forget that if liver fails, life fails. Among the many activities of liver, detoxification is the most unique and crucial one. Since it is cleansing the body of toxins, it is more prone to becoming toxic, however it doesn’t complain and keeps on doing its work. As the owner of this precious organ, it is our duty to keep it detoxified. Liver cleansing is the method adopted.

Heard about liver cleansing:
In recent times, the significance of this vital organ is established and the general population now appreciates it. So, it is not “liver cleansing” is not an uncommon word anymore. Scientifically, toxins in liver relate to the altered levels of the enzymes-thousands of them that are present in the liver. After the performance of the blood-test, the sign of healthy liver is revealed if the enzymes are in the normal range. Interestingly, if you get an annual health check-up, an alteration of these levels is captured before it manifests as a disease.
Do not confuse liver cleansing and liver flushing. Liver-flushing is a harsh method to cleanse the liver of toxins with the use of insane amounts of Epsom salts and olive oil. In liver-cleansing, the body’s detoxification system is boosted with the natural and therapeutic properties of a variety of herbs and vitamins.

Aiming a common goal-Liver Cleansing:
The proponents of liver cleansing are divided on the technique one should adopt to clean the liver. The methodology of the different school-of-thought is mentioned below:
1.    Method 1: In this process, the person should fast for 2 days. In this method, one can choose from the two set of items:
Item set1: Water, fresh juices and salads
Item set 2: Apple juice, olive oil, Epsom salt and lemon juice.
After these 2 days of fasting, on should gradually introduce solid foods starting with raw vegetables and fruits and then eating cooked food once a day. It is advisable, however to drink herbal tea daily.
2.    Method 2: This process combines acupuncture with essential oils. These oils can be added to the drink (tea) or can be used during massage.

Summing up:
Liver is over-burdened with toxins after each unhealthy diet whether it’s a cheese-burst pizza or a glucose-bar. Over many years, the techniques to maintain a healthy liver have been understood. Percolation of this knowledge to the general population can aid in a healthy society. If our liver is healthy, most of the diseases can be managed. Awareness about liver cleansing is important. The method used to cleanse or detoxify the liver is simple and inexpensive which can be practiced by one and all. Always remember being aware is the first step to being alert.