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Critical Review of Canxida

I won’t call it an absolute solution for just any level of intestinal and/or esophegal Candida infection. It works wonders for mild to a-little-above-moderately-severe conditions; anything above that, you’ll need some pre- and probiotic escorting. I needed it, but then again, it’s individual response to a curative measure that stays largely responsible and I didn’t need it like before. Unlike antibiotics, CanXida Remove spares the probiotics and kills the yeast and also feeds the probiotic.

The ingredients work on increasing the body’s immunity towards pathogens and parasites, so recovery also speeds up.

What struck me most about CanXida is it doesn’t rob Peter to pay Paul…in the sense, puts one end high while ignoring the other. Even many of the candida pro-s do not mention on B-vitamins. The B-Vitamins are different from Beta-Carotene. B vitamins are basically the poop of the probiotic bacterium and give you the strength to fight pathogenic bacteria. Here, it is mentioned as biotin, an essential component of healthy growing and body maintenance. Thin or skinny adolescents might gain from it. Even full grown adults. Why I say this is I have started putting on weight and now I am close to my former weight of 69 kilos. I went down to 58 in 2 years flat. Chicken pox and a stomach flu had turned it worse.

So back to biotin, you need it to make biotinidase, a biotin-recycling enzyme that reinforces the intestinal security by stopping candida from growing roots. This mycelial form of Candida takes down the blood/food barrier digging holes into the epithelial cell layer and things like gluten sensitivity start showing up. This is when eating a few garlic bulbs doesn’t help. You need a lot more but that’s an insane quantity you need to take; thankfuly, with CanXida Remover and its 2% Allicin content, you get Garlic’s entire power to fully kill the fungus and bacteria, not sparing even a single spore. Moreover, the pathogens can’t develop any resistance to Allicin unlike pharmaceutical drugs Ketoconazole, Nystatin and the rest.

I didn’t see Caprylic Acid either in the formulations I used previously. In fact, I had no idea if this short-chain fatty acid is important at all. This is not synthesized in the lab but extracted from coconut and acts as a good prebiotic. I knew about Undecylenic acid (from castor oil beans) and I found it in the mix. It triggers the actions of Caprylic acid. And to see that intestinal pH issues do not bar their actions, there’s also the Betaine HCL.

What I want to say is CanXida is more like a car that comes with a full tank and a full-charged battery. Without these, even the Veyron is useless.

After a year and a half of agony, this formula was bliss. My dog suffered from acidity and loose stool and after a couple of days he was better than what he was since his 6th year. He is 8 now but his shiny coat has returned and also his boisterous nature. I hope I don’t miss the fun again. Thanks, Canxida.