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Candia5 Ordered and Reviewed

Candia5 My Health Checker

Recently my friend Deborah told me about Candia5 test kit and I thought I will order it and have a go. Before I order candia5 as with anyone else I thought about searching for candia5 reviews and I realized there is nothing about candia5 nobody has taken the time to write a review about this product.

Thinking if candia5 scam will show something but nothing. I decided to go to their website and order my candia5 kit for the family and then write my candia5 review. So here is the review of candia5 for you guys!

I never really knew what candida was and always figured I was unlucky when I got yeast infections. I never knew what gut flora was or why any of that mattered as it was just bacteria and I didn’t really think that I needed it, especially in such large amounts. One day a close friend of mine told me that yeast infections were “unnatural”, and it may be my body’s warning of greater underlying health issues, I thought she was completely full of it.

But just for kicks I checked out some references she gave me and was I shocked. These symptoms that were described matched my body perfectly, it wasn’t just the yeast infections that were an issue, but the constant itching, the gas, bloating, and brain fog. These were all symptoms that I suffered from and for my entire life I just figured that it was “normal”, and it was expected that as we got older we suffered more and more, and it was just a part of aging that we had to deal with. But as I read other people’s stories and how they dramatically changed their life, a glow of hope spread in my mind.

I did want to know though whether I really had candida or not. I remembered looking up all these tests and they all seemed to be as reputable as witchcraft. I mean come on, spitting into a glass first thing in the morning and analyzing the saliva is a bit ridiculous and completely unproven. The most reputable tests were done in a laboratory and required blood work but that was far too expensive, you had to go to the doctor, get him to drain the blood, send it to a lab and then wait weeks for results. As I was looking at this my friend laughed at me and told me that I could actually just do a test at home that isn’t the spit test.

I was a bit upset that she didn’t tell me earlier, but it was called Candia5, it requires a small finger prick and then gives you highly accurate results for candida. I was skeptical but after reading more about it I was sold. I ordered it that night and it arrived within a few days.

The test was simple and painless enough, and I had my results which I’m not sure I should have been happy or sad that it said I was positive for candida. The good thing was I knew that if I treated it, I could help my health, but I was also upset that I had candida. Neverthless I followed a very strict diet on and have seen excellent results so far (its been 3 months). I look forward to seeing when my journey will end, and I will be restesting myself using candia5 soon.