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The Probacto Myth Uncovered

Except It’s not a Myth – It Really Works

I ran track when I was in high school. The guys and I were physically fit and had a great time, eating healthy and doing our best to stay in shape to continue running. Most of us continued to run well into our college years, and quite a few of us kept running to stay in shape after school, even though we didn’t compete athletically any longer.

I’d been out of college for about 5 years and was living a happy, active life. I had a great full-time job in the financial industry and continued to run 3x per week, with trips to the gym in between. It seemed like all of the sudden I was a completely different person. One morning I woke up feeling tired and lethargic. I thought I was catching a cold or a flu but I never developed any other symptoms. I’d feel better for a day or two and then feel completely exhausted again. I went from spending extra time taking naps to spending entire days in bed. After a few months, I’d stay in bed for 2 days at a time. Months later, I was up to 4 or 5 days at a time.

My doctors were baffled. They ran bloodwork and tests and nothing came up. One told me I must just be depressed and he wouldn’t listen when I told him that I wasn’t depressed until I started to not feel well. Another doctor told me I was just experiencing symptoms of aging, but I knew I was too young to be experiencing the symptoms that the Longevity Healthy Aging Research Group talks about here. I felt hopeless and no one had any answers for me.

The Doctors Were Wrong

My symptoms became progressively worse. There were times when I would spend up to a week at a time in bed. I lost my job and had to move in with my parents, who were equally perplexed by my condition. At the young age of 29, I had my first stroke. My left side was completely paralyzed when it happened, but I thankfully received treatment in enough time to reverse the damage. Still, no one could explain why I was feeling so horribly and they couldn’t even figure out why I’d had a stroke. Meanwhile, I developed joint pain and added some gastrointestinal difficulties to my list of horrors.

I spent a lot of time on the internet when I was feeling up to it. I didn’t even want to get out of bed, instead I laid in bed with the laptop on me. I read a lot about different medical conditions and had a hard time finding anything that would explain my sudden onset of symptoms. Then one day I stumbled on a website that talked about Candida albicans, the yeast organism in the body, and how the symptoms of a systemic infection could mimic other conditions.

My next doctors appointment was only a few days after I read about Candida. I talked to the Physician’s Assistant and he promptly wrote off my concerns. He told me that there were a lot of quacks out there spewing misinformation about a mythical medical condition and that I’d just be wasting my time and money pursuing their “so-called cures.” I didn’t exactly agree.

Probacto’s Anti-Candida Book Saved Me

I mulled over what I’d read and heard for a couple of days and then went back online to look for some free information on Candida. I found Probacto’s blog, and read through just about every page. I also downloaded their books. I read everything in the book from start to finish – twice. The diet seemed very strict, but there was also nothing in it that I could have considered “fad” or “dangerous.” I figured that, at the very least, I’d lose a little weight, even if it didn’t work. It also seemed to be way healthier than how I was currently living.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. I noticed a huge difference in the way I was feeling within the first few weeks. There were a few days where I actually felt worse, but I realized my body was detoxifying. Over time, I gradually began to feel better and some of my worst symptoms, especially the gastrointestinal difficulties, began to subside.

My Life Was Saved

I’m now 8 months past the end of my Probacto diet and I’ve never felt better. I no longer spend days at a time in bed. I eat a healthier diet than I’ve ever enjoyed and I regularly detox, cleanse, and monitor my progress. Right now I only take multivitamins, and probiotics for maintenance, but when I had candida I had to take antifungals, drink tea daily, make kefir, it was quite tedious. I will never, ever allow myself to become so ill again – and I’ll never allow a doctor to brow-beat me into believing I’m simply depressed or not in control of my life or health. Maintaining is a lot easier than recovering.

Thank you, Probacto, for all the help you’ve given me. I hope reading about my experience with Candida will help someone else to take control of his health and well-being. It’s worth the effort.